Are you getting the following error?



1. Are you missing packages?


2. Are you stubbing your jest tests correctly?

If you are writing unit tests and want to test the functionality of a component individually, then setup the shallowMount function and test it. Stub inside of jest unit tests.

Difference between shallowMount and mount


The mount method takes the Vue component as a first argument and returns its vue instance along with some helper which is used to interact with a component instance like set props, trigger clicks, etc.


The shallowMount method also works similar to the mount method the main…

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If your configs requires multiple lines or is taking up too much room you have to find an alternative way to clean up your config files. Or are is your configurations file too big to manage now?

TLTR; :: Put your long strings and description, objects, etc in a separate JS module to later be imported into nuxt.config.js

In this example I will use vue-meta configuration module as an example.

I was spending a lot of time figuring out why I my app kept crashing and I hope this write up will help those who are struggling to understand where your build is breaking during your upgrade from v2 to v3 upgrade of this package. Here are the steps to upgrade.

1. Install package

Update eslint to be at least v7 before installing eslint-webpack-plugin.

npm install eslint@latest -save-dev
npm install eslint-webpack-plugin -save-dev

2. Configure nuxt.config.js

Configure nuxt.config.js to use updated module. Replace eslint-loader with eslintplugin.

You may also configure options within nuxt.config.js, but it is highly recommended to use eslintrc.js

Problem: Are you getting a similar error to the following output?

> MYAPP@1.0.0 test /Users/XXXXXX/Projects/MYAPP
> jest

ts-jest[versions] (WARN) Version 26.4.2 of jest installed has not been tested with ts-jest. If you're experiencing issues, consider using a supported version (>=24.0.0 <25.0.0). Please do not report issues in ts-jest if you are using unsupported versions.
ts-jest[versions] (WARN) Version 4.0.2 of typescript installed has not been tested with ts-jest. If you're experiencing issues, consider using a supported version (>=2.7.0 <4.0.0). Please do not report issues in ts-jest if you are using unsupported versions.
FAIL test/Intro.spec.js
● Test suite failed to run

/Users/XXXXXX/Projects/MYAPP/components/index/Intro.vue: don't know how to turn…

Don’t skimp on SSDs

To SSD or Not to SSD?

2021/04/29 — Update: It’s 2021. iMacs are finally SSD. Yeah! Internal SSD upgrades via Apple is a bit costly. Get an External HDD instead or setup a NAS. Use your money for RAM upgrades to 16+Gb.

2020/12/03 — Update: Its 2021 almost. If you’ve come here to seek if Fusion Drive is still a good idea. The answer is No ! GO SSD!!!

The Good

Fusion drives are a great and less costly alternative in comparison to fully SSD in pricing. It meets the demand for being priced just between owning fully SSD or HDD. Marketed as having the best of both…

1. Startup Minikube

This post is a continuation in exploring what minikube is and what it can do. Let’s get started with launching minikube.

$ minikube start
╰─ minikube start
😄 minikube v1.4.0 on Darwin 10.14.6
💡 Tip: Use 'minikube start -p <name>' to create a new cluster, or 'minikube delete' to delete this one.
🔄 Starting existing virtualbox VM for "minikube" ...
⌛ Waiting for the host to be provisioned ...
🐳 Preparing Kubernetes v1.16.0 on Docker 18.09.9 ...
🔄 Relaunching Kubernetes using kubeadm ...
⌛ Waiting for: apiserver proxy etcd scheduler controller dns
🏄 Done! …

What is Minikube?

Minikube is a tool that makes it easy to run Kubernetes locally. Minikube runs a single-node Kubernetes cluster inside a Virtual Machine (VM) on your laptop for users looking to try out Kubernetes or develop with it day-to-day.

1. Install Homebrew

$ /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

2. Install Minikube

$ brew tap caskroom/cask

$ brew install kubernetes-cli
$ brew cask install minikube

$ minikube --help
$ minikube --version

3. Install Kubectx

Kubectx aids us in writing more concise commands in the kubectl-cli. It aids us in changing context of where our kubernetes commands:

// From This

$ kubectl config use-context minikube

// To This

$ kubectx minikube


Whenever your list of objects that contain image path from static or assets folder, you need to remember to render it with `require` before plugging the file path directly into :src.

Practical use case:

Plugging in file path directly into `:src=”abc”` will work. However if you need to render multiple children containers with different image file paths, this approach may help you in achieving that.

Approach 1: GOOD

Include require at the base of each asset/static import. This will ensure that all paths are correctly retrieved.

Stylus is still a vibrant community today!

For those of you whom never heard of stylus, it is similar to sass / scss / less. It’s a CSS pre-processor that make front-end development iterate faster and simpler.


OK! Lets get started

1. Install Stylus and Stylus-loader

npm install stylus stylus-loader -save-dev// oryarn install stylus stylus-loader --save-dev

2. Update Vue Components with lang=”stylus”

Note: inside the style tag the lang="stylus" must be present to work. Otherwise, it would recognize it as CSS instead of stylus. …

pod repo update

If you developed with cocoapods, then you may be familiar with the above command. And this one command alone can stall or take quite some time to run on your local environment. If you internet connection is sluggish, it will bog down your entire development life cycle.

Solution: Remove unnecessary local pod repos before you run `pod repo update`

Step 1: Find local pod repos

Run the following command:

pod repo list

The command will list how many local repos you have currently in your environment for cocoapods to check against each new versions whenever you run pod install against our Podfile.

When you run pod repo update


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